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Kid’s Eye Exams in Winnipeg

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Protecting & Preserving Your Child’s Eyes

Regular eye exams play a significant role in your child’s physical and mental development. Especially in very young children, it can be difficult to determine that they’re experiencing troubles with their ocular health or vision.

Having an experienced eye health professional examine your child’s eyes can help pinpoint, diagnose, and begin treatment for some eye conditions before they worsen.

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When Does My Child Need an Eye Exam?

As your child grows, their eyesight will change significantly. Right after birth, your child will not be able to see much more than blurred patterns of light and dark. However, for the next 6 months, their vision and ocular muscle control will improve to a point where they can begin to discover different shapes, colours, and textures.

Before your child’s first birthday, letting them explore the world around them can help their visual skills develop. Crawling, touching, and investigating your home is important to help them learn to use their eyes. Giving them toys that they can touch, hold, and see simultaneously encourages them to use their eyes and brain in tandem.

By the time your child is 6 months old, they’ll have developed hand-eye coordination skills and eye movement control. Having their eyes examined at this point up is essential to ensure your child’s eyes are healthy and growing normally.

We’ll perform a full comprehensive exam and test for early signs of refractive errors, eye movement strength, and overall health.

When your child is 3 years old, please take them in to have their eyes examined. As their eyes continue to develop, eye conditions like strabismus or amblyopia can arise. If caught early, pediatric eye conditions can be treated to effectively mitigate symptoms and allow your child to live a comfortable life.

At this point, if your child is able and willing, we can use standard letter charts and other visual acuity testing to detect, diagnose, and begin treatment for any refractive errors we find.

Once your child heads off to school full-time, you should have their eyes examined a third time. Having a professional examine their eyes before the first day of school can ensure their eyes are ready to support learning.

After they begin school, have their eyes examined annually to monitor for any changes in their health or vision.

What to Look For

Keeping an eye on your child’s behaviour can help you notice any changes indicative of an eye condition. Some symptoms to be aware of include:

  • Red, itchy, watery eyes
  • Sensitivity to light
  • An eye that turns out or wanders
  • Squinting, rubbing the eyes, or excessive blinking
  • Trouble concentrating or focusing
  • Covering or closing 1 eye to see
  • Holding objects very close to the face
  • Avoiding books or television
  • Visible frustration or grimacing
  • Tilting the head or unusual posture

If you notice your child exhibiting any of these symptoms, please give us a call to examine them promptly and efficiently.

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