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Digital Eye Strain Treatment in Winnipeg

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Proper Habits for Healthy Eyes

Digital devices have made our lives significantly easier in work and play, giving us unlimited access to the world’s information. However, with digital technology becoming more relevant in our daily lives, we have to be aware of our usage habits when it comes to our ocular health.

Improper digital device use has become a growing problem, causing significant discomfort for those who use them frequently. At View Pointe Vision + Style, we can help you discover new, healthier ways to use your digital devices and avoid uncomfortable side effects of digital eye strain.

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A woman sits on her couch and uses her laptop. Using a computer for long periods of time may cause digital eye strain.

What is Digital Eye Strain?

Digital eye strain, or computer vision syndrome, describes a group of eye-related issues resulting from prolonged digital device use. Many patients report feeling uncomfortable side effects after working at their computer all day, and many symptoms seem to be exacerbated by increased screen time.

It’s essential to monitor your usage habits to ensure you’re using digital devices as healthily as possible.

How to Prevent Digital Eye Strain

Awareness of your digital device habits is the first step in staying comfortable and preventing eye strain.

When using digital devices, especially computers, the way you sit and how far away you are from the screen can contribute significantly to your comfort.

  • Keep your screen around an arm’s length from your eyes.
  • Keep your screen around 20 degrees below eye level.
  • Sit with your feet flat on the floor and your back straight.
  • If you’re typing, keep your chair high enough to have your arms stretched out with a slight bend at the elbows.

If you alternate between looking at your screen and paperwork, consider using a clipboard that attaches to your monitor to keep your reading material the same distance as your screen.

The brightness and contrast between your screen and surroundings can make it easier for your eyes to focus.

  • Ensure your screen is free from dust, fingerprints, and debris that can obstruct your view.
  • Set colour and contrast tones to match your eyes and adjust your screen brightness to suit your surroundings accordingly.
  • Minimize glare as much as possible by dimming lights, using an anti-glare screen cover, and positioning your screen away from light sources.

Giving your eyes a break regularly is as important as getting up to stretch your legs when you’ve been sitting for a while. The 20-20-20 rule is simple; every 20 minutes, take 20 seconds to focus on something 20 feet away. This break gives your eyes a chance to refocus and your eye muscles to relax.

Also, if you’re working on a digital screen for a long time, remember to blink! Studies have shown that we blink less than half the amount we normally do when focusing on a digital device. If you find your eyes are feeling dry throughout the day, you can also use artificial tears to keep them feeling lubricated and comfortable.

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Digital devices are a significant part of our daily lives, from work to entertainment. We can help you adopt habits and techniques to keep you comfortable and healthy in the digital world.

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